Happy Parents,
Happy Toddlers

We all want to raise strong, healthy and happy kids, but let’s be honest, parenting toddlers isn’t always easy. From tantrums to picky eaters to sleep regressions, normal toddler development can test our limits and leave us feeling frustrated and exhausted.

The good news? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

Big Little Feelings is on a mission to create a community of happy parents and happy toddlers by providing real-life tips for real-life toddler challenges. Our strategies and tools are research-based, solutions oriented and practical enough for everyday life. Together, we can reign in the chaos and raise happy kids who become resilient, capable adults.

Tame those tantrums.

a practical, online course for parents of toddlers

Toddlers push buttons like it’s their job.

(Because it is.)

Toddlers are supposed to test limits; that’s part of healthy child development. Of course, just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate. Big Little Feelings offers simple, practical strategies to help you calm the chaos and enjoy your kid again.


Eliminate power struggles.


Feel energized instead of exhausted.


Reduce tension among family members.


Feel confident and proud of your parenting.


Raise strong, happy, resilient kids.

Know exactly what to say to minimize meltdowns.

Keep your cool when your kid loses theirs.

Put an end to joy-sucking power struggles.

We’re Kristin & Deena

You know how people say, “It’s not like it’s rocket science”? Well, they could just as easily say, “It’s not like it’s parenting a toddler,” because this ish is hard.

You can find lots of parenting “help” out there, but here’s what we’ve learned: Most resources offer vague theories wrapped in complicated clinical lingo, and they never get around telling you what to actually do.

And when your kid’s whining has escalated to full-on wailing because oranges don’t come in purple, you don’t need a vague idea of what to say. You need a script.

We created Big Little Feelings to give you practical strategies and exact phrases to use in the moment so you can manage meltdowns like a boss.

We know you adore your kid.

We also know you’re losing your freaking mind.

For such small humans, toddlers sure know how to command a room, don’t they?

Whether they’re shrieking “I DO IT!” in the checkout lane or sobbing hysterically because you won’t let them lick the dog dish, toddlers can try our patience, test our sanity, and make us question if we’re actually fit to be parents.

Not all the time, of course. Usually, they’re sweet and so full of joy and wonder and… well, they’re gifts, aren’t they? It’s just that every once in a while we’d kinda like to return those gifts.

We’re joking, of course. (Mostly.)

Now, let’s go handle those meltdowns like the warrior parent you are.

Happy parents with happy toddlers.


Tantrums and meltdowns used to have me at my breaking point, but now I handle them like a pro. AND, my child goes to tantrum mode WAY less often: and when she does, they’re shorter, quicker, and so much less intense when I apply the BLF strategies. It’s insane!!!

Las Vegas, NV


Boundaries used to be a word I heard but never really understood. I know exactly how to hold boundaries with love now! The result? A much calmer, happier family. Forever grateful.

Denver, CO


I’ve been using the phrases and strategies and they work so well. Our home has gone from total chaos to having structure, more care and understanding, and more smiles. Seriously a game changer.

Los Angeles, CA