Happy Parents,
Happy Toddlers

Winning the Toddler Stage offers real-life tips for real-life toddler problems

The *only* course you need to thrive during the toddler years (that’s ages 1-6!). The course is broken down into bite-sized video content you can watch when and where it works for you. Learn simple, practical strategies and tools that are research-based, solutions-oriented, and practical enough for everyday life. These aren’t suggestions – these are how-tos you can start doing right now.

Know exactly what to say to minimize meltdowns.

Feel confident with your parenting and raise happy, resilient kids.

Keep your cool when your kid loses theirs.

Reduce tension among
family members.

Put an end to joy-sucking power struggles.

Eliminate power struggles and feel
energized instead of exhausted.

Meet the moms behind Big Little Feelings

Parent coach Kristin (right) wrangles two toddlers on a daily basis and Deena (left) is a child therapist, parent coach and new mom. Just like you, they’re obsessed with their little ones and want to do everything they can to raise strong, healthy and happy kids.

We started Big Little feelings to give parents the resources they need to not just survive the toddler years, but to THRIVE.

Real Parents, Real Results

Winning The Toddler Stage Is For New Parents, Working Moms, Single Dads, Step-Parents, Primary Caregivers … and every parent in between


Tantrums and meltdowns used to have me at my breaking point, but now I handle them like a pro. AND, my child goes to tantrum mode WAY less often: and when she does, they’re shorter, quicker, and so much less intense when I apply the BLF strategies. It’s insane!!!

Las Vegas, NV


Boundaries used to be a word I heard but never really understood. I know exactly how to hold boundaries with love now! The result? A much calmer, happier family. Forever grateful.

Denver, CO


I’ve been using the phrases and strategies and they work so well. Our home has gone from total chaos to having structure, more care and understanding, and more smiles. Seriously a game changer.

Los Angeles, CA