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Real talk?
Modern parenting is a doozy. Where the f*ck is that village everyone talks about?
Consider After Bedtime your village.
Led by Kristin and Deena, After Bedtime is the place you can go at the end of a long hard day to find your "enough"-ness. Because honestly, you're f*cking crushing it.
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Get ready to experience Big Little Feelings in a whole new way. This is Kristin and Deena like you’ve never seen them before.
(And yes, this is the parenting podcast you’ll actually want to listen to.)
Latest Episodes
The Hills’ Whitney Port on Fertility Struggles, Mom Life & More
You know her from the *iconic* reality shows The Hills and The City, and we know her as a Big Little Bestie & rockstar mom! Today we welcome creative director, designer, and mom to 6-year-old Sonny, the one-and-only Whitney Port!!! No topic is off limits, and we cover it ALL in our convo with this inspiring mom & business woman. In this episode, we chat with Whitney about mom life, how she adjusts to life in the spotlight, and her ongoing IVF and infertility journey. This episode is a *true* treat and an incredible reminder that even though everyone’s journey is unique, we’re all in this parenting thing TOGETHER. And trust us: It will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and even MORE obsessed with Whitney than you were already! PLUS:
  • The #1 thing Whitney regrets sharing on social media
  • Whitney gets super vulnerable and shares her struggles with secondary infertility—from pregnancy loss to her IVF and surrogacy journey
  • Get the inside scoop on what it was like to be a part of The Hills craze
  • Whyyy is the internet so obsessed with Whitney’s body??
  • Whitney talks mom life: The very best parts AND the super challenging parts
  • Get the inside scoop on her reality TV journey — and how she used it as a stepping stone to launch an enviable career in fashion and design (consider us inspired!)
  • Get Whitney’s TOP TIPS for juggling her career and quality time with Sonny
  • The BLF techniques that have TOTALLY *transformed* the bedtime routine in Whitney’s home from pure chaos to total calm
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Boost Your Child’s Brain Health in 20 Minutes with Dr. Daniel Amen
Today on the pod we welcome Dr. Daniel Amen, an expert on brain health and mental health disorders. Dr. Amen is a best-selling author, a physician, an adult and child psychiatrist, AND a brain disorder specialist, who is making it his mission to end mental illness by creating a revolution in the way we view brain health. In this episode, Dr. Amen brings a *research-backed* approach to help you learn to be the parent you want to be and raise emotionally healthy kids who are equipped to THRIVE. Highlights include:
  • Easy, concrete things you can start doing TODAY to ensure your child grows up with the *strongest* possible mental health
  • Practical tools to help our kids go from defiance, meltdowns, and power struggles to being responsible, confident, kind, and emotionally resilient
  • How we can boost OUR brains as parents and optimize our own mental health (because spoiler alert: our kids’ mental health starts with *us*)
  • The one GAME CHANGING thing you can do daily to foster a healthy brain and better behavior for your kid
  • The tool you can use to help make literally EVERY decision about optimizing brain health for you and your kid
  • The 11 major risk factors every person should know about if you want to keep your brain healthy
  • Plus, the brain science behind women feeling more guilt than men (Yep! It’s biology!)
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Stop Yelling: 5 Neuroscience-Backed Tips that will Transform Your Parenting
If you’re stuck in an endless cycle of yelling, threatening, and then feeling super guilty afterwards, you’re not alone. AND, today’s episode is for *you.* By the end of this episode, you’ll walk away with an *exact* roadmap on how to handle those extremely common parenting triggers (your child’s crying, mess, whining) and find the right coping tools FOR YOU. Triggers will show up in your parenting journey no matter who you are. You’re not a monster, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with your child, sometimes we all need a reset and a roadmap. This episode will empower you with all the tools (backed in neuroscience) that you need, so that your triggers are no longer in the drivers seat with the way you parent. You’ll walk away from this episode with:
  • An understanding of how your unique generational cycles are shaping the way you react
  • The ability to retrain and rewire your brain’s automatic stress response
  • 4 concrete, *specific* tools you can use TODAY to stop your stress response in its tracks - so that you no longer yell, storm off, or go into fight or flight mode with your kids
  • Tools to work WITH your triggers instead of trying to push them down
  • Effective, REALISTIC coping skills to ground you in stressful moments in both parenting and life in general
  • Added bonus: everything you learn on today's episode will carry on to YOUR children - as they watch you manage YOUR triggers, they’ll mirror stress management and emotional regulation
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Where Lorelai Gilmore Went Wrong & Other Hot Takes on TV Parents
We’re unpacking the very *best* and the very *worst* TV parents—from Mom Tiger to Lorelai Gilmore to Logan Roy, and everyyyyone in between. Join us, along with VP hype squad aka Kristin’s husband Tyler for an episode that is *sheer fun*, includes TONS of nostalgia, and also happens to be full of SUPER valuable nuggets of ACTUAL parenting wisdom. Highlights include:
  • Lorelai Gilmore: national treasure OR in a super unhealthy codependent relationship with her kid?!
  • Who is the most universally loved TV dad, and is his parenting style admirable OR just completely unattainable?
  • Why TV moms *still* don’t get enough credit (BOO.)
  • Insight from an actual therapist on what *exactly* makes Logan Roy one of the WORST parents in TV history
  • Home Alone: Fun family flick or the start of years of therapy for Kevin McAllister?
  • PLUS a super helpful listener Q-and-A where we tell you how to handle your toddler’s screaming when it feels SUPER triggering
  • AND the EXACT, best way to get your kid to transition or leave the park when it’s time to go, including one of our favorite hacks to help you avoid a power struggle in the first place
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Say GOODBYE To Pushback: The 3 Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a Parent
Defiance. Pushback. Power struggles. They’re one of the hardest parts of raising kids, but we’ve got some great news for you—it *DOESN’T* have to be this way! Today on the pod we are going to teach you how to end power struggles FOR GOOD, starting NOW! Join Kristin, Deena, and their special guest, BLF’s very own VP hype squad (Kristin’s husband, Tyler), as they walk through the three simple hacks to stop power struggles in their tracks. Hit that play button ASAP because it’s going to be totally game changing and make your life as a parent *so* much easier! Highlights include:
  • Three incredibly *SIMPLE*, *CONCRETE* steps to stop power struggles in their tracks, before they even begin
  • Tips *backed in neuroscience* to retrain YOUR nervous system to stay steady in chaos moments and not engage in a tug-of-war with your toddler
  • Easy tips for shifting your kid from pushback mode to collaboration mode (YES, PLEASE)
  • EXACTLY how to react when your toddler pushes back, to end power struggles in the long-term
  • How to lay a healthy foundation NOW so that the power struggles are totally non-existent by the time you have a big kid or teenager
  • The *bonus* fourth hack that that will instantly change your life, your relationship with your kid, and even your relationships with other adults
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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End Screentime Battles TODAY: 3 Easy Steps That Will Stop Power Struggles for Good
Struggling with endless battles over screentime? Not sure how to navigate the whole sharing thing? Going through some serious parent burnout? Then this episode is for YOU. Back by popular demand, today’s episode answers more of YOUR burning parenting questions! If you have a toddler or preschooler in your life, trust us, you’ve had to deal with allllllll of these issues we’re getting into today. This episode is for all of us and we PROMISE that the hacks that we share will make your life a million times easier. On this episode we cover:
  • Ending the cycle of screentime battles FOR GOOD, starting TODAY
  • Hot tips to make the concept of sharing click for your kid
  • The *specific techniques* to teach your toddler NOW to set them up with REAL sharing skills for their whole life
  • Mantras to ground yourself during the most chaotic moments
  • The parenting technique for you and your partner that will TOTALLY change your life, make you a better parent, AND prevent burnout before it starts
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Mom Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not and What Is Crazy AF
If you want to laugh so hard you pee your pants a little (us too) - this episode just might be our funniest yet. Kristin, Deena, and Kristin’s husband Tyler aka VP Hype Squad unpack the craziest, best mom trends that we’re all obsessed with. (Plot twist: Tyler is way more up on what’s *in* with millennial moms than Deena is.) Whether you’re a total trend b*tch (Kristin) or couldn't care less about following the latest craze (Deena), this episode is SO fun, will having you laughing out loud, *and* will make sure you can keep up at preschool pickup (if you’re into that kind of thing).
  • HOT takes from a man on mom trends from Y2K sunglasses to micro dosing on mushrooms
  • The upcoming mom approved 2024 trends you definitely don't want to miss
  • What trend took three months for Kristin to work up the courage to wear in public?!
  • A spicy round of “eff, marry, kill” featuring some of our favorite husbands from across the Housewives franchise
  • PLUS a super helpful toddler Q and A where we tell you EXACTLY how to react when your toddler says “I hate you”
  • AND our magical, totally lifesaving ‘poop chocolates’ recipe for when your kid is constipated
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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If Your Parenting Feels Gentle, You’re Doing it Wrong: The Secret to Raising Emotionally Resilient Kids
We’re busting the myth that labeling feelings means you’re creating soft or weak kids. Real talk: there’s a way to *do* the whole feelings thing and there’s a way to *not* do the whole feelings kid if you’re wanting to raise strong, capable, emotionally resilient kids. If your parenting feels gentle, permissive, or like your kids are walking all over you? Then you’re doing the whole feelings thing wrong. Not to worry bestie, we are going to unpack EXACTLY how to label feelings, create lifelong emotional intelligence, all while being the strong leader that you are. If Your Parenting Feels Gentle, You’re Doing it Wrong : How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids Without Letting Them Walk All Over You. Today's episode will be so empowering, you’re going to walk away with:
  • EXACTLY what to do in the moment when your kid is having BIG feelings
  • How feelings talk early on positively affects the brain and interpersonal relationships later on in life
  • Hot tips backed in neuroscience to raise a truly strong kid
  • PLUS, bestie fan favorite VP Hype Squad, Tyler, is BACK and he’s coming in hot with how shoving down feelings has worked out for *him* and our generation of men
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Family Planning: The Best Age Gap and Optimal Number of Kids!
On today’s episode we dive into something that SO many of us agonize over once we become parents. We’re talking about optimal age gaps, how many kids is the “right” amount of kids to have, and everyyyything that goes into making those decisions. On this episode we cover:
  • How many kids is the ideal number of kids to have?
  • The ideal age gap: What the *actual research* says in terms of child developmental outcomes AND parental happiness
  • How to deal when fertility struggles impacts your age gap/number of kids plans
  • Two under two: Setting your kids up to be lifelong best friends or a recipe for TOTAL CHAOS?
  • BUSTING the myths about only children
  • Concrete questions to ask yourself to to figure out what is best for YOUR family
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Q&A Episode 4: SUPER EASY Toddler Dinners + Hacks for Taking Your Kids Out to Eat!
Back by popular demand, today’s episode answers YOUR burning parenting questions! From parenting to the personal, join us as we get REAL and dig in on the rollercoaster that is raising toddlers. On this episode we cover:
  • Helpful hacks for taking your kids out in public—and not having it be a total disaster
  • Is handing your kid an iPad at a restaurant really going to ruin them?
  • Go-to dinner ideas for when you’re TOTALLY drained
  • Tips backed in neuroscience to help your kid regain confidence and make them feel safe after something scary happens
  • Tools to teach your toddler NOW to set them up to handle hard moments throughout their whole life
  • PLUS: Deena and her husband have started couples therapy—how is it going?!?
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Deena's Endometriosis Update: Navigating Pain and Planning Ahead
Today’s episode is a bestie catchup where Deena gives us the latest updates on her endometriosis journey. Join us as we catch up on how she’s doing after her endometriosis surgery and how she’s coming to terms with her *other* diagnoses. Highlights include:
  • How her surgery failed from relieving her symptoms
  • Dispatches from a less-than-positive post-op appointment
  • What exactly is adenomyosis—and why does it leave some women suffering all the way until menopause?
  • Will this *triple whammy* diagnosis affect her fertility?
  • The “bad” news that is actually bringing her a TON of hope
  • Will the thought of MORE painful periods be enough to make Deena move up her plans to get pregnant again?
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Special Guest Emily Oster: How to Cut Through Parent Guilt and Get Down to What Actually Matters
Today on the pod we welcome THE go to parenting expert in the research space: Emily Oster!!!! She’s a best-selling author, Brown Professor of Economics, data-driven pregnancy and parenting expert and is here to ease all of our minds about this whole parenting thing. On this episode, we chat with Emily on how to cut through the fear that comes with parenting, and help YOU make informed decisions based on *actual* data (rather than obsessing over what our mother in law or neighbor or that one viral instagram post that totally freaked you out). Tune in as Emily shares:
  • The 3 things you need to provide for your kid to set them up for success
  • Is Cocomelon *really* rotting your child’s brain?
  • How much screen time is too much screen time?
  • Her GAME CHANGING tip when it comes to discipline
  • The secret to making every parenting decision A MILLION TIMES EASIER (no, seriously)
  • What the research says about “redshirting” kids with summer birthdays in terms of kindergarten readiness
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Resolutions are Bullsh*t: Getting Rid of the Guilt in 2024
Despite what our instagram feeds are telling us, we actually DON’T need to suddenly become a whole new person the day the calendar hits January 1st. Sure, the new year is a great opportunity for reflection, self-awareness, and goal setting. And? It can also be a recipe for MORE guilt, stress, and pressure that we really DO NOT need in our lives! On today’s episode, we talk about why typical New Year’s resolutions are kiiiinda bullsh*t—and how to take steps toward self-improvement in a *sustainable* way instead. On this episode, we’re going to:
  • Show you how to release the pressure and bust through all the bullsh*t we’re fed about self-improvement
  • Teach you a quick, EASY 5 minute daily practice that’s rooted in science to make you instantly more intentional and happier!
  • Tell you EXACTLY what to do in the moment when our toddler says a swear word
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Painful Periods, Dismissive Doctors & a Diagnosis: Deena’s Endometriosis Journey
On today’s episode, Deena tells all about her journey with endometriosis. Endometriosis affects 11% of women, so we have to ask ourselves, WHY is it SO effing hard to get a diagnosis and WHY aren’t more people talking about it?!? We go DEEP and cover it all, from the periods that left Deena doubled over in pain, to the doctors that brushed her off, to her recent surgery and recovery—and why it doesn’t just end there. If this episode helps one single woman to trust her intuition, remember she's not alone, and advocate for herself when it comes to her OWN body, it will be a story worth sharing. PLUS:
  • A real time update from Deena on her endometriosis surgery and recovery
  • How the recovery process has been SUPER healing for her marriage
  • What exactly is endometriosis—and why is it SO freaking painful?
  • Will this diagnosis affect Deena’s hopes to have another baby?!
  • The symptoms that she was being told to ignore that ALL women should look out for
  • A few concerning surprises that she was not totally expecting...
  • Why she’s feeling a mix of SO relieved and super scared of the unknown
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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MORE Burning Parenting Questions, ANSWERED: Q&A No. 3
By popular demand, we are back with another episode where we answer all of YOUR burning questions that you’ve sent in to us! On this episode we cover:
  • The No. 1 key to preventing potty pushback (and all other kinds of pushback, too!)
  • How to STOP the pushback and negotiating from your tiny toddler
  • How to teach “stranger danger” and keep our kids safe *without* making them scared of all new people
  • Our number one hack for preventing tantrums
  • A spicy round of “Eff, marry, kill” featuring some of our favorite Bravo-lebrities
  • Alllll the hot tips and tricks for getting out the door for school with preschoolers and toddlers (and why Kristin chooses to ignore them!)
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Your Burning Parenting Questions, ANSWERED: Q&A Episode 2
Back by popular demand, we’re devoting another episode to answering YOUR burning questions. Join us as we answer your biggest toddler + parenting Q’s! Highlights include:
  • Will the magic of Santa ruin your relationship with your child like social media says it will?!
  • How exactly to handle the Santa thing, in a way that works for YOU
  • How to prevent jealousy and sibling rivalry from the start, right when you bring new baby home from the hospital
  • EXACTLY what to do when your kid suddenly won’t touch vegetables with a ten-foot pole
  • The honest truth about why Deena cut her long hair after having a second baby
  • Kristin’s Britney Spears lightbulb moment that we NEED to be talking about
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Andy Cohen on Parenting Housewives AND Toddlers + Which One is Harder
Today we welcome toddler dad, fellow BLF Bestie, and absolute LEGEND Andy Cohen!!!! (IS THIS REAL LIFE?!) The King of Bravo himself joins Kristin, Deena, and Tyler as we chat all things Housewives, dad life, and how he juggles it all. This episode is sheer fun *and* will leave you feeling so empowered as a parent! PLUS:
  • Learn how Andy blazed his own path in life and totally transform reality TV as we know it today (Spoiler alert: It’s inspiring AF)
  • Find out how Andy balances a busy career and QT time with his kids
  • Andy gets vulnerable and shares about guilt and tough parenting moments
  • We reveal the No. 1 thing that all toddlers *and* Housewives really want
  • Andy gives us the inside scoop on how Watch What Happens Live came to be
  • We pay homage to Watch What Happens Live and play a spicy round of 'Plead the Fifth,'
  • The ONE thing you want to *avoid* when your toddler is hitting
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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An IVF Journey: Kristin’s Struggle with Secondary Infertility
On today’s episode, Kristin and her husband Tyler get vulnerable and share their IVF journey. From their secondary infertility diagnosis to a devastating pregnancy loss to the IVF that led to their third baby, be prepared for a raw and emotional look at what SO many couples go through trying to conceive. If you’re going through this right now, or you’ve been through it before, we hope this episode is the warm hug that reminds you that you’re NOT ALONE and there is *absolutely nothing* shameful about infertility! PLUS:
  • A detailed look at the IVF process from injections to egg retrieval to embryo transfer
  • What to *avoid* saying to someone struggling with infertility
  • How to support a friend or family member going through the IVF process
  • Why secondary infertility doesn’t get proper airtime and deserves WAY more attention
  • The No. 1 hardest thing about the IVF process for Kristin and Tyler
  • Pineapple cores, McDonald’s French fries and more - rituals and old wives tales that Kristin picked up from the infertility community along the way
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Your Burning Parenting Questions, ANSWERED!
By popular demand, we’re devoting a whole episode to answering YOUR burning questions. Join us as we answer your Q’s on:
  • How to end parent preference struggles for good! Get your life back, girl!
  • Why using rewards for potty training *doesn’t* work—and how to potty train quicker and easier
  • Our No. 1 tip to potty train your toddler in three days
  • How to handle YOUR OWN big feelings *while* parenting your kids and supporting them through THEIR big feelings (spoiler: this sh*t is hard)
  • A real-time update from Deena on where her marriage stands today
  • The ONE thing you want to *avoid* when your toddler is hitting
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Besties in Business: How We Turned Sheer Passion into a Thriving Business (and You Can Too!)
For the first time ever, we’re sharing *exactly* how we turned sheer PASSION into a real, thriving business. If you have a big dream and you’re feeling stuck, this episode will leave you fired up and feeling empowered to turn that crazy dream into a thriving business! PLUS:
  • A step-by-step playback of how we launched and grew our business into what it is today
  • The power of dreaming big and how being wildly, authentically *YOU* leads to big success
  • Why traditional business advice doesn’t apply when you’re shaking up the space
  • Our top 3 tips for anyone who wants to pursue their own business dreams
  • An honest take on the pros and cons of running a business with your best friend
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Shyness is a Superpower: The Secret to Raising Secure, Confident Kids
We’re talking about why being shy isn’t a bad thing—in fact, “shyness,” aka listening to your inner voice that tells you to pause before blindly following the pact, can be a real SUPERPOWER as your kid gets older! Join us as we bust through the myth that only outgoing kids are the confident ones and share why shy kids are actually incredibly self-assured and self-aware. PLUS:
  • Game-changing tips to help your child feel comfortable in new situations
  • What to do EXACTLY in the moment when your kid is feeling nervous or scared
  • How to build your kid’s confidence and foster resilience while preserving their inner voice
  • 5 easy strategies you can start using TODAY to support “shy” kids and shift them into full-on thriving mode
  • The *secrets* to raising secure, confident, self-assured children
  • A surprise guest joins us mid-episode! Any guesses?
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Pushing Past Perfection: The Parenting Tool That Will Save Your Life
If you’re struggling with burnout, this episode will literally change your life. Child Therapist Deena Margolin and Parent Coach Kristin share their number one parenting tool: the 80/20 rule. This parenting strategy is so easy you can start it TODAY, and will instantly take the pressure off, leading to a happier, healthier you. On this empowering episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Transform your happiness levels, TODAY using the 80/20 rule
  • Take 20% of your mental and physical load off your plate right away
  • Stop hitting your breaking point by proactively using the 80/20 rule *before* you burn out
  • Set your kids up for a lifetime of success by watching you be a healthy, happy caregiver
  • Change the way you and your family approaches/views motherhood
  • Release the guilt and lower the pressure that comes with parenting
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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Ghosts, Goblins, Meltdowns Oh My: Handling and Preventing Halloween Tantrums
Halloween is SO fun, and? Like with any fun, exciting thing in toddlerhood, it comes with TONS of meltdowns and tantrums. But don't worry, this episode gives you *everything* you'll need to make this Halloween the best EVER. Get game-changing hacks to handle tantrums - and even straight up prevent some! PLUS:
  • Get the inside scoop on our night on Watch What Happens Live hanging with Andy Cohen and The Real Housewives (Spoiler alert: It was the best day of Kristin's life)
  • Learn the ultimate costume hack so your kid *might* actually wear it for trick-or-treating!
  • An answer to the dreaded candy question: How much candy should you let them eat on Halloween night?!
  • Get a step-by-step plan for when your toddler feels scared
  • Find out our #1 tip that will totally transform your Halloween night!
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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The Stay-at-Home Vs. Working Parent Debate: What’s Best for Your Kids?
On today’s episode, we tackle a true hot button topic: Is it better for your kids if you are a working parent or a stay-at-home parent? (Spoiler alert: Both are jobs, both are hard, both are rewarding, aaaannd you’re doing an amazing job!) Join us as we dive into the research and unpack our own unique journeys as parents, including insight from former stay-at-home daddy, Kristin’s husband Tyler (back by popular demand!). You'll leave feeling empowered and beyond proud of yourself, PLUS:
  • Get specific tools for releasing the guilt, so that you can feel confident in your own situation
  • Leverage what the research says about achievement, success, and behaviors between children with a stay-at-home parent or without one
  • Bust through the gender biases that moms and dads face when it comes to working or staying home
  • Tips for finding the right fit for YOUR family
  • Why either choice is both challenging and rewarding, and how to get rid of the whole "grass is always greener" feeling
  • Rapid-fire advice from Kristin, Deena, and Tyler, empowering you to feel confident in whatever role you’re currently in
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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How to Raise Resilient Kids: Parenting Kids with Respect Doesn’t Create a Generation of Snowflakes
Real talk? We all want to raise resilient, strong kids. BUT is punishment and “tough love” the way to get there? In this powerful episode,Deena and Kristin use modern brain science to pave a practical path to raising resilient kids. They're totally busting the myth that parenting with respect and kindness creates “snowflake kids” who are fragile, entitled, and crumble in hard situations. You’ll leave feeling empowered and excited to level up your discipline game, using techniques that work *and* create a strong kid who will become a capable adult. PLUS:
  • Why you might feel stuck in a tricky punishment cycle (accidentally increasing unwanted behaviors) and how to get out of it
  • Tips for Reparenting yourself to stop generational patterns in their tracks
  • An exact framework for effective discipline that you can use TODAY
  • How to work WITH your kid’s brain development instead of accidentally fighting against it, which is the key to better behavior!
  • Hot tips for doctor appointments to minimize meltdowns and help your kid build courage
  • How to ditch the pacifier without traumatizing your kid
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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I am One in Four: The Pregnancy Loss Club No One Asks to Be a Part of
On today’s episode, Kristin shares her heartbreaking story of pregnancy loss in honor of national pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. For a long time, miscarriage and pregnancy loss were seen as taboo, best kept hidden behind closed doors. Women have suffered physically and emotionally, alone, for far too long. We are honored and grateful to be a part of a new generation that shares their experiences. We now know these undeniable truths: there is power in women’s stories, there is healing in sharing hard topics, there is collective trauma that becomes uplifted as we band together and lift each other up with our vulnerability and support of one another. This is one story, of many, of the heartbreaking experience of pregnancy loss.
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My Marriage Sucks After Having Kids: Deena is on the Brink of Divorce
Deena gets vulnerable and shares how having babies rocked her marriage, plus:
  • The raging resentment that's left them feeling like roommates
  • Why 90% of parents feel less happy in their marriage after having kids (!!!)
  • What's stopping her from working on the relationship right now
  • Why "staying together for the kids" ain't it
  • Hot tips for date night (when you have no childcare)
  • How to avoid the dreaded screentime battles with your toddler
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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The Power of Repair: How to Heal Generational Trauma in Under 15 Seconds
This episode offers a profound healing moment to parents everywhere. If you messed up, if you yelled at your kid, remember this: it’s not too late, you didn’t f*ck this whole thing up, and you aren’t a horrible monster. You’re HUMAN, just like the rest of us. This episode will be the warm hug of “I’ve been there, you’re not alone” that you’ve been waiting for. PLUS:
  • An exact framework of what makes a good repair moment
  • Common phrases to STOP saying when you apologize after messing up
  • Why repairing doesn’t come naturally to us (spoiler alert: it’s not YOU, it’s your childhood)
  • The powerful love chemical in the brain that gets released (for both parties) when you apologize
  • The most IMPORTANT part of repair most people miss: ways to take care of YOU after you’ve messed up and why it’s the crucial piece of the repair puzzle
  • Why easygoing kids do not equal better kids
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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The Epidural Didn't F*cking Work: Kristin's Birth Story with Baby #3
Today, Kristin shares the jaw dropping birth story of baby #3 for the very first time! Join Kristin, Deena and special guest, Kristin’s baby daddy, as they unpack the insanity that is a 45 minute long birth (plot twist: it's not as nice as it sounds). Highlights include:
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Moms Are in Crisis: The Mental Health Epidemic
In this powerful episode, Deena and Kristin unpack why anxiety is at an all time high in mothers/primary caregivers, plus:
  • How to release the pressure that comes with perfect parenting
  • 3 EASY, doable, strategies you can use TODAY to improve your mental health
  • Cures for anxiety so simple, so doable, anyone can fit them into their busy lives
  • Effective toddler/preschooler discipline (Spoiler alert: stop taking away dessert as punishment)
  • The transcript of this episode can be found here!
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