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Save $10 when you get both courses
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Winning the Toddler Stage $99
Think of this course as an instruction manual for parents with kids ages 1 - 6
Lifetime access
Thousands of 5-star reviews
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Potty Training Made Simple $34
A Practical Course to Ditch Diapers Fast, Easy, and For Good.
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Thousands of 5-star reviews
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Save $10 when you bundle both courses. Simple as that.
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Winning The Toddler Stage
(Ages 1-6)
The world’s best-selling online toddler course.
Everything behavioral you'll ever need in ONE course!
The course gives you step-by-step instructions and scripts so that you feel confident in *every* situation under the sun: mealtime, screentime, bathtime, new baby, parent preference, sharing, and more. It even has an entire module dedicated to sleep, and another one that’s alllll about combatting picky eating.
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Potty Training Made Simple
(Ages 20+ months)
The only resource you need to ditch diapers fast, easy, and for good.
Your complete and ultimate guide to potty training your toddler!
Whether you’re prepping for potty training, actively potty training, or dealing with regression and specific situations in a post-potty training era (underwear! public restrooms! collaborating with childcare!), this course is for YOU. It’s backed by modern research, but we spare you the clinical lingo for a one-stop potty training course that’s simple, practical and effective.
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I recommend the Big Little Feelings courses to every parent I know. The tools in the ‘Winning the Toddler Stage” course have become second nature to myself and my partner – and it works! I can see such a clear difference in our daughter when we use those tools – we can understand her better and she is more comfortable and confident. Doing the potty-training course was an obvious next step, just using the same approach to teach out toddler how to use the potty. I can’t recommend buying both of these courses enough. It’s the best money that I’ve spent as a parent!
- Liz K.
The BLF program is the best I could have gotten. It is (comparatively little) money well spent!!! It works like a charm and I have recommended it to tons of friends who are in the thick of toddler life. It can be so hard and Deena and Kristin don’t just have amazing real life experience and tips, they also have that magical touch that makes you feel like part of the village we all so desperately need.
- Julia K.
Both of these courses have shown me that you can be a compassionate parent and still have control over your home. I am so appreciative of Big Little Feelings' guidance and reassurance during this crazy parenting journey!!
- Sarah L.
We got the bundle, so once he turned two we already had the potty training course. He was trained in 3 days! I recommend your courses to all my mama friends! We love you guys.
- Nell W.
Everyone says there are no rule books for parenting. I disagree. The BLF courses are the rule books. Thank you, thank you BLF.
- Alex J.
The course bundle has been instrumental in navigating the challenges that are potty learning and discipline for toddlers, especially as we grew our family… the courses have been helpful for literally ALL things toddler-related!
- Alanna R.
All I can say is that Winning the Toddler Stage and and Potty Training Nade Simple were absolutely life changing for my son!
- Elizabeth H.
I bought the toddler course and potty training course together and LOVE IT! It is so easy to listen to while walking and everything is in bite sized chunks so it is easy to go back to a topic to refresh. Highly recommend!
- Cindy E.
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