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Winning The Toddler Stage
(ages 1-6)
+ Potty Training Made Simple
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You asked, and we listened: the bundle is BACK.
Get *both* of our online courses, Winning the Toddler Stage (ages 1-6) and Potty Training Made Simple, and save $10.
What’s the catch?
There isn’t one. (Ain’t nobody got time for “catches”, right?)
Nooooo asterisks. Just the good stuff. You get *lifetime access* to BOTH of our courses in all their
comprehensive, research-backed, simple, effective, practical, proven glory. And you save $10. Simple as that.
Shop & Save $10
And just in case it’s helpful, here’s some info on both of the online courses included in the bundle…
Winning TheToddler Stage
Our original online course for parents with kids ages 1- 6, and a best-seller for a reason.
It’s an instruction manual for your toddler, and has ALL of our
toddler strategies and gameplans in one place.
The course gives you step-by-step instructions and scripts so that you feel confident in *every* situation under the sun: mealtime, screentime, bathtime, new baby, parent preference, sharing, and more. It even has an entire module dedicated to sleep, and another one that’s alllll about combatting picky eating.
Potty TrainingMade Simple
Ditch diapers fast, easy and for good.
Your complete and ultimate guide to potty training your toddler!
Whether you’re prepping for potty training, actively potty training, or dealing with regression and specific situations in a post-potty training era (underwear! public restrooms! collaborating with childcare!), this course is for YOU. It’s backed by modern research, but we spare you the clinical lingo for a one-stop potty training course that’s simple, practical and effective.
Want *both* of our online courses, Winning the Toddler Stage (ages 1-6) and Potty Training Made Simple?
Don't blame you.
Do you like saving $$$?
Ya, us too.
Shop & Save $10
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