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200,000+ kids successfully potty trained!
"No tantrums. No accidents. Full potty trained by day 3!"
- Bridget
"You don't need any books - you just need this course."
- Julie
"After 9 months of failed attempts, this course is what worked!"
- Erika M
"Follow the course and you'll have a toddler who's potty trained in 3 days!"
- Courtney
"This is THE course for all things potty!"
Molly E
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Potty training a toddler doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Potty Training Made Simple is proven, practical and possible.
Created by a child therapist and a parent coach, we’re giving you strategies that are backed by science. (In other words: the stuff that *actually* works.)
We’re busy moms ourselves, so we know the value of quick, simple strategies that are easy to implement - and that actually work. Our scripts and gameplans will help you potty train with confidence.
No prior knowledge or experience needed. Our course teaches you everything you need for success, and we do it in short, bite-sized videos that fit your busy schedule.
This course is for parents who are ...
Not sure when to start potty training their toddler
Looking to start preparing for potty training (it's never too soon!)
Ready to actively potty train (whether it's your first time or your fourth time!)
Have already potty trained their kid and are looking for help with troubleshooting (underwear! public restrooms! coordinating with childcare!)
The ONLY potty training course you’ll ever need!
One course to tackle the before, during, and after of potty training your toddler - all in an easy-to-follow, “do this, say this” format. You don't need any other books, blogs or workshops. You just need this course.
Step-by-step instructions for our three-day potty training method, from preparation to application
Practical tools for tackling post-potty training pushback, tantrums, and regressions
Short videos you can watch on your own time and at your own pace OR listen to, podcast-style!
Printable PDFs full of checklists, scripts, gameplans, and resources
Easy-to-implement strategies so you can handle all the potty stuff like a pro
Lifetime access, so you can revisit the course whenever you like, for as long as you like
A money-back guarantee!
Real Parents, Real Results
would recommend this course to anyone planning to potty train their child.*
felt more confident during the potty training process after taking this course.*
found this course helpful, even if they had no previous potty training experience.*
*Based on survey results from 390 people who took Potty Training Made Simple.
Survey respondents were not incentivized in any way. (REAL parents. REAL results!)

Here's a sneak peek at our Six Core Modules

Module 1
P is for Potty

Build a solid foundation for your experience by mastering the 3 C’s of potty training.

Module 2
How to Prepare for Potty Training

How to prepare yourself, your home, and your toddler to create the quickest, easiest, and smoothest path to potty training.

Module 3
The Three Phase Method

Understand the three phases of potty training, and learn exactly what to say and do every step of the way.

Module 4
Responding to Pushback and Tantrums

Master techniques to prevent and manage pushback and tantrums during the potty training process.

Module 5
Poop! There it is!

Get the scoop on how to prepare for poop and prevent poop problems, and learn how to troubleshoot allllll those poop problems that come up after potty training.

Module 6
More Toilet Topics

Discover the best way to handle post-potty training particulars like adding underwear, reversing regressions, using public restrooms, and collaborating with childcare.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!
How long does this course take to complete?
The total running time of the course is 3 1/2 hours; however, the material is broken up into short, bite-sized videos so you can watch at your convenience. Fit it in during naptime, while waiting to pick up from childcare, or while washing dishes.
How long do I have access to the course?
You’ll have access to this course FOREVER! Revisit any of the videos throughout the potty training process, or as other kiddos join your family.
What if the course doesn’t work for me?
If the course doesn’t totally change your life (seriously, “game-changer” status) reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know. If you email us within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll refund your order in full. (Yes, we believe in the course THAT much.)
My toddler is still too young/not ready for potty training. When should I buy the course?
It’s never too early to start preparing yourself and your toddler for potty training! Whether you’re six days or six months away from actively potty training, the sooner you begin the course, the better prepared you’ll be - which will result in a smoother, faster, pressure-free process for you and your kid. And if you’re still not sure when you should start potty training, this course will help you determine the exact right timing for you and your little one. (And remember - you’ll have lifetime access to the course, so whenever you’re ready to start actively potty training, the course will still be there for you!)
My toddler is already potty trained. Will this course still be helpful for me?
Yes! The course has entire sections dedicated to the post-potty training era. It gives you step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting pushback and regression, and how-tos for specific situations, like collaborating with childcare.
Is this course close-captioned?
Yes! To access the closed-captioning in our course, simply click the “cc” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video.
Does this course come with any printable resources?
Yes! Throughout the course we provide you with printable PDFs full of scripts, checklists, and other helpful tools that you can download and print as needed.
Is there a written version of this course?
Our course is available via streaming only, however you can turn on closed-captioning which will allow you to “read along” as you watch the videos.
Is there an audio version of this course?
While there isn’t an audio-only version of the course, you can absolutely choose to listen to the course instead of watching the videos. If you’re logging in on your phone, we highly recommend getting the Kajabi app, which will allow you to listen to the course and free up your phone for other uses.
Can this course be used for potty training twins?
Yes! You can absolutely apply our strategies and gameplans to multiple kids at the same time. Full disclosure: potty training more than one kid at a time will probably require a little more time and attention than if it were just one kid, but we're confident you can rock it with the tools provided in the course!
If I am a single parent without childcare, will this course still work for me?
Absolutely! The core approach to our potty training method is rooted in one-on-one time with your little one, so with or without childcare, you’re set up for success.
Does this potty training approach require a few days of being at home?
Yes, we recommend 3 days of one-on-one time with your kid to reeeally knock potty training out of the park.
Is the course available in multiple languages?
Yes! We currently offer Winning the Toddler Stage and Potty Training Made Simple with both English and Spanish subtitles. Both options are available with the purchase of the course(s) at no extra charge to you. To activate the English or Spanish subtitles, click the closed captioning button on your video screen and select your language preference.
Do you offer any discounts?
If you get both of our online courses at the same time, you’ll save $10! Shop the bundle here.

Big Little Feelings was created by busy parents, for busy parents - and we absolutely keep costs in mind! In addition to our courses, we offer *FREE* comprehensive guides, with step-by-step instructions for handling some of the most common (and challenging!) toddler scenarios. Don’t forget to check out our blog and follow our community @biglittlefeelings for even more tips and tricks at no cost to you!

The Reviews Are In

Real Parents. Real Results.

Ready to flush your fears and wipe away potty-training pandemonium? Thought so.

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All courses come with a 30 day money-back guarantee!
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