Winning the Toddler Stage

Raising Toddlers is Tough, We’re Here to Help

a practical online course for parents of toddlers aged 1-6

Raising toddlers is tough. We’re here to help.

One course. All the things. This is the *only* course you need to thrive during the toddler years.

Get seven, sanity-saving video modules broken into bite-sized pieces

We developed the course with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The lessons take only
a few minutes to watch, and each one includes practical, do-this-not-that takeaways.

Module 1
Five Founding Principles
for Happy Homes

Learn how to be the cool, confident leader of your home – and handle anything thrown your way.

Module 2
Managing Tantrums
Like a Boss

Finally feel confident in EXACTLY what to say (and do!) in the middle of a tantrum.

Module 3
The Preventing Tantrums Gameplans

Discover magical strategies for preventing meltdowns.

Module 4
The Discipline Gameplans

Learn a new model of discipline that protects kids’ self-esteem without turning you into a pushover.

Module 5
The Nitty Gritty

Bedtime, bathtime, mealtime, screen-time, potty accidents, sibling strategies, sharing, pacifiers, and more. So much more.

BONUS: Module 6
The Ultimate Guide
to Toddler Sleep

Step-by-step, customizable plans for all toddler sleep disturbances.

BONUS: Module 7
The Ultimate Guide
to Feeding Toddlers

End picky mealtime for good with mealtime tactics backed in decades of research.

Does this sound like you? Thought so.


Feel like everything is a fight: mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, pottytime, everydangtime.


Are tired of getting those, “Wow, you really have your hands full” glares.


Worry they’re doing it all wrong and totally messing up their kid.


Are regularly embarrassed by their toddler’s behavior (and carry around loads of guilt for feeling that way).


Wish someone would just tell them what to say and how to say it.


Feel at their wit’s end and just want to enjoy their family again.

Real Parents, Real Results

Winning The Toddler Stage Is For New Parents, Working Moms, Single Dads, Step-Parents, Primary Caregivers … and every parent in between

We’ve got answers

Eliminate power struggles • Feel energized instead of exhausted • Reduce tension among family members
Feel confident and proud of your parenting • Raise strong, happy, resilient kids