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Winning the Toddler Stage $99
Think of this course as an instruction manual for parents with kids ages 1 - 6
Lifetime access
Thousands of 5-star reviews
30 day money-back guarantee
Potty Training Made Simple $34
A Practical Course to Ditch Diapers Fast, Easy, and For Good.
Lifetime access
Thousands of 5-star reviews
30 day money-back guarantee
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"Invaluable! We now know how to set clear boundaries."
- Laura K
"Worked like magic!"
- Jordan K
"Worth every penny"
- Jessie L
"Simple changes that will help your kid in the moment and in the long-run, too"
- Katherine B
"Allowed me to be kinder to myself - and in turn, to my toddler"
- Stacy H
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Raise your hand if you...
Feel like everything is a fight: mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, pottytime, everydangtime.
Are tired of getting those, “Wow, you really have your hands full” glares.
Worry you’re doing it all wrong and totally messing up your kid.
Are regularly embarrassed by your toddler’s behavior (and carry around loads of guilt for feeling that way).
Wish someone would just tell you what to say and how to say it.
Feel at your wit’s end.
Hear this: you are NOT alone.
And you deserve the tools and resources to help you feel like the confident warrior parent you are. We’re here to help.
Winning the Toddler Stage will:
Make you feel more empowered and confident in your day-to-day parenting
Reduce the length, strength, and number of your toddler's tantrums
Give you the tools to discipline your child in a way that works and protects your child's self-esteem
Equip you with scripts and how-tos so you know *exactly* how to handle every single toddler situation: meltdowns, screentime, picky eating, toddler sleep, and more
Transform your home forever
Real Parents, Real Results
would recommend this course to other parents and caregivers with a child/children ages 1-6.*
felt more confident in their day-to-day parenting after taking this course.*
said the course resulted in long-term benefits to their child's behavior and emotional well-being.*
felt the course helped them discipline their child more effectively.*
*Based on survey results from 139 people who took Winning The Toddler Stage.
Survey respondents were not incentivized in any way. (REAL parents. REAL results!)

Get seven, sanity-saving video modules broken into bite-sized pieces

We developed the course with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The lessons take only
a few minutes to watch, and each one includes practical, do-this-not-that takeaways.

Module 1
Five Founding Principles
for Happy Homes

Learn how to be the cool, confident leader of your home – and handle anything thrown your way.

Module 2
Managing Tantrums
Like a Boss

Finally feel confident in EXACTLY what to say (and do!) in the middle of a tantrum.

Module 3
The Preventing Tantrums Gameplans

Discover magical strategies for preventing meltdowns.

Module 4
The Discipline Gameplans

Learn a new model of discipline that protects kids’ self-esteem without turning you into a pushover.

Module 5
Specific Situations

Bedtime, bathtime, mealtime, screen-time, potty accidents, sibling strategies, sharing, pacifiers, and more. So much more.

BONUS: Module 6
The Ultimate Guide
to Feeding Toddlers

End picky mealtime for good with mealtime tactics backed in decades of research.

BONUS: Module 7
The Ultimate Guide
to Toddler Sleep

Step-by-step, customizable plans for all toddler sleep disturbances.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
We guarantee the course will transform your home, or your money back.

We've got answers.

Is it just one course, or are there multiple?
It's just ONE course that covers ALL the toddler and preschooler topics: preventing and managing tantrums and meltdowns, discipline, mealtime, screentime, bathtime, new baby, parent preference, sharing and more. It has an entire module dedicated to toddler sleep, and another module that's allllll about feeding your toddler.

Note, we have one other online course, Potty Training Made Simple. It's a fully comprehensive how-to guide for the before, during, and after of potty training! (And if you get both courses at the same time, you save $10!)
What ages is the course for?
The course is designed with parents & caregivers of kids ages 1-6 years in mind.
My kid is younger than 1 and/or is non-verbal - will the course still be helpful?
Yes! You can use the strategies outlined in the course even when your little one is preverbal, because they can understand before they can speak and you’ll be building incredible emotional foundations from the very start. We’ve actually had lots of parents say they’re happy they watched early on! And, you’ll have unlimited access to the course, which means you can watch at your own pace and revisit whenever a new toddler thing pops up.
My kid is older than 6 - will the course still be helpful?
We do think it could still be helpful for kids over the age of 6! Some of the sections (potty pushback and sleep struggles) might not be relevant anymore, but there are lots of gameplans to help with those big feelings! And we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you find it’s not as useful as you would’ve hoped, let us know.
How long do I have access to the course for?
Forever! We want you to watch at your own pace and revisit as needed. (That said, sharing your account with other families is a no-go, and will result in losing access to your account.)
How long does the course take to complete?
Start to finish, the course is about 6 hours – but each individual video lesson is only 2-10 minutes long. (We kept busy parents in mind!) You can take as long as you need to to watch each module. The course is designed to be completed at a pace that works best for you.
What’s the format of the course content?
Short, practical videos ranging from 2-10 minutes each – because we know you’re busy and watching during nap time or after a long day! The course also includes helpful, printable PDFs.
Can I download the course videos?
Course videos are available by streaming only.
Are there downloadable resources?
Yes! Access to the course also gives you access to downloadable resources you can post around your house.
Is there a written version of the course?
The course is currently only available in streamable video format.
What if I have a child with a developmental diagnosis? Is the course a good fit?
While the course is a great fit for most 1-6-year-olds, including many kids with pre-determined diagnoses, all kids are unique and may require different resources and levels of support to thrive. We invite you to try the course and email us within 30 days for a refund if the course isn’t the right resource for your family.
Do you offer discounts on the course?
We intentionally priced the course at $99 to make it affordable for as many people as possible while still honoring the value and time we put into creating it. (We haven’t seen any behavioral courses under $200, so we kept affordability in mind.) If you decide to purchase and aren’t happy with the results, you can always email us within 30 days and get your money back.
Does the course cover sleep issues?
Yes, the course has a dedicated sleep guide that offers you step-by-step plans for all the sleep challenges imaginable. This guide will give you all the tools needed to help your little one become an independent sleeper. (Super excited for you to get your nights back!)
Can I *listen* to the course?
Yes! We highly recommend downloading the Kajabi app to your phone. (You can just log in to the app using your course login details, and voila!) If you're using the app, you can press play and do other stuff - use a map app, complete an Amazon order, whatever! The course will play in the background, so you can listen to it, podcast-style.
How is it different / better than other courses?
We found other parenting courses to be 1. boring; 2. difficult to actually implement in day-to-day life. So we made what we couldn't find: a course that's entertaining, to-the-point, and packed with gameplans you can (and will!) use every single day. Our course is designed to help YOU feel confident and empowered all on your own.
What's in the course that's not available on your Instagram?
SO MUCH. We’re incredibly limited in how much we can put on Instagram, and we couldn’t possibly use Instagram to show you how to apply the strategies and gameplans to alllllll of the specific situations you (inevitably) encounter in day to day life.
To name just a few - our 7 step tantrum strategy (BREATHE), our 8 gameplans for preventing tantrums, our discipline method, and our *full* sleep plan are in the course but are not on Instagram!
What if the course doesn't work for me?
If the course doesn’t totally change your life (seriously, “game-changer” status) reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know. If you email us within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll refund your order in full. (Yes, we believe in the course THAT much.)
Is the course available in multiple languages?
Yes! We currently offer Winning the Toddler Stage and Potty Training Made Simple with both English and Spanish subtitles. Both options are available with the purchase of the course(s) at no extra charge to you. To activate the English or Spanish subtitles, click the closed captioning button on your video screen and select your language preference.

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